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Available and Flexible

Our customer service is helpful and completely flexible in all issues. Contact us with confidence!

You can also access us via Phone, Email and Ticket. Please feel free to contact us Monday to Friday from 8:00 until 16:00 (CEST). In the event of a technical problem, our Customer Service team is always available and able to work from outside the working hours.

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Simple and Innovative

With our Billing Panel you can simply order services that you can pay online, even with paypal. Online paid service is activated automatically, so your Shared Hosting Account is ready to use immediately.

Thanks to our built-in ticket system, you can easily contact us. The Directadmin Control Panel is clear and easy to use.

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Cloud SSD Hosting Features

SSD based web host with professional cloud features. German location, guaranteed excellent network speed. Hetzner Datacenter.

Cloud Server - Stability

Synchronization occurs every 30 minutes between servers, if one server fails, due to the failover IP address, it redirects the operation to the other server.

Cloud Name Server - 100%

We have two cloud name servers in a separate server datacenter. DNS synchronization takes place in real time if one of the DNS servers stops, then the other continues the operation without loss.

DDOS Protection - 5Gbps

There is hardware DDOS protection for all our servers, which blocks all attacks up to 5Gbps attacks. In case of major attacks, no major server loss can be detected.

Technology - DDR4 ECC

Dell server machines are used for maximum stability. We use Intel Xeon Gold processors, 14 cores. DDR4 ECC fault tolerant memory and RAID 10 technology are deployed by default.

Data Security - Backups

Data security is handled at the highest level. We have daily-weekly-monthly backups of files. Databases are retrieved for 90 days and structural details of the account.

Operational System - Linux

We use CloudLinux for the highest data security. Thanks to CageFS technology, each account has its own virtual file system. KernelCare software is used for kernel security.

Proactive Defense - IMUNIFY3600

The Best Available Protection Software on the Market - Proactive Defense prevents any bad script or activity from running on the server, which can have a negative impact on the server. Rack911 Labs US security company has described its effectiveness: "There is no other security software on the market that offers such high security"

Virus Protection - IMUNIFY360

The best defense software available on the market - Revisium uses a virus protection engine that immediately scrapes all files uploaded on FTP or HTTP, and is immediately operational. You can track infected files at any time through the Directadmin Control Panel.

History of our company

The success of every company is based on a good idea. Professional competence is essential for success.

2007, February Founded
2010, Januar New Project
2011, March Server Operation
2012, Januar Web Services
2014, June Shared Hosting
2016, May Cloud Hosting
2018, June 800 Client

Software - Partners

Software that helps our work to provide maximum stability to our customers.